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BearmanCPA works with charter schools in North Carolina and around the country in a variety of capacities ranging from monthly accounting services to pre-audit support, financial forecasts and IRS communications. 

We understand that you have a lot on your plate directing a charter school’s day to day operations.  We can reduce your stress by providing personalized attention to your finance and accounting functions.

We offer a wide range of professional Charter School Accounting Services including accounting, bookkeeping, tax services, and state reporting:

  • Monthly accounting services including vendor payments, LINQ accounting data entry, bank account reconciliations and preparation of financial reports.
  • Payroll processing and oversight including data entry in LINQ (and/or ADP), pay employees by direct deposit, remit state and federal payroll taxes and file associated quarterly and annual payroll reports (including preparation of employee W2s).
  • Coordination with NC DPI for drawdown of federal and state funds.
  • Preparation and filing of IRS Form 990.
  • Preparation and filing of IRS Forms 1099 and related NC filing.
  • Coordination with auditors for annual financial statement audit, including preparation of “Management Discussion & Analysis” portion of the audit.
  • Ad hoc services (e.g. assistance with debt re-structuring, bond issuance, financial projections)
  • Preparation of semi-annual NC Sales Tax Refund requests.
  • Regular communications with staff, management, finance committee and board.



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