IRS Form 990 Filing

Form 990


“Form 990” is the generic term for a series of informational forms (as opposed to tax returns) that nonprofits are generally required to file with the IRS each year.  There are some limited exceptions to filing (many churches do not have to file) and there are different versions of the form depending on the size and specific IRS exemption type of the nonprofit.  Along with the Form 990, the IRS requires you to submit one or more supporting documents (Schedules A through R) depending on your particular nonprofit activities.

BearmanCPA is dedicated to helping you put your best foot forward. If you are worried about which form to file or if you have filed the correct form and supporting schedules in the past, let us help take some off the pressure off by ensuring your 990 is filed correctly and on time.

Did you know that your organization’s Form 990 will be available to the public?  Check out

Which 990 do you have to file?

IRS Form 990N:

Annual Gross receipts are normally under $50,000

IRS Form 990EZ:

Annual Gross receipts are between $50,000 and $200,000

IRS Form 990 (long form) :

Annual Gross receipts are over $200,000 and/or total assets over $500,000

IRS Form 990PF:

For 501(c)(3) private foundations and similar nonprofits (as opposed to public charities).